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Back to basics — the Imposters Handbook

So, I ran across Rob Conery a while ago; I watched a few presentations of his on youtube, and thought his book would be worth checking out. Yeah, sure, I had a C64 in 1988 and I played around with BBS in the early 90s; but that didn’t really set me up with the basics of complexity theory or big O notation. I knew that I liked playing with computers, but still didn’t understand what computing meant, or the science part behind it.

Conery gives you a quick paced tour through all of the foundational ideas in Computer Science. He doesn’t go too far into any given topic, but he does give a nice survey course, stopping at all the big points that make up the field and giving a quick run down in approachable, humor filled language. If you have come to tech in a round about way, give this book a read.

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