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Category Archives: Retro Gaming

Thoughts and commentaries on video game evolution and history.

Presenting Mr. Reed

I’ve already written a few posts about Inform 7: it’s a powerful tool for creating interactive fiction that has a very low cost to entry. But, it’s also very complex and DOES have a learning curve. Yes, you can make a playable game by compiling the single line of source text: “The Kitchen is a […]

Inform 7 and Text Adventures

I’m actually a little to young to have experienced the full wonder that was the Text Adventure era; being born in 1976, I could kind of understand what was happening in any given text adventure, but I didn’t really have the patience required to really interact with them. As Don Woods says in Jason Scott’s […]

King’s Quest revisited

  I’m really fascinated by the history of computer engineering and, by extension, the history of video games. It’s watching the evolution that intrigues me: seeing concepts or solutions grow and mature into all new technologies or relationships. The other night, I opened my DOS emulator and played through “King’s Quest 1”. What a stark […]