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“Scavenagers Reign” is an animated dose of awesome for connoisseurs of sci-fi and anime.

A few months ago I stumbled across “Scavengers Reign”, and I wolfed down all the episodes I could find in one sitting. This is one of the rare ones, kids; if you have a wide foundation in sci-fi, you really can’t miss out on this: hauntingly beautiful, expert narrative and character building, incredible world construction, […]

What is this DevOps thing, anyway?

In 2018 I was hired as a DevOps Engineer; it seemed like the perfect direction for my career. I’ve worked most of my professional life as support, sys admin, or network engineering; I’ve really wanted to go in the direction of development, but never had the chance up till now. DevOps, as I understood the […]

Back to basics — the Imposters Handbook

So, I ran across Rob Conery a while ago; I watched a few presentations of his on youtube, and thought his book would be worth checking out. Yeah, sure, I had a C64 in 1988 and I played around with BBS in the early 90s; but that didn’t really set me up with the basics […]

It’s been a long time since I rock ‘n rolled

Hey there, Internet! It’s been a while since I wrote anything here. Quite a while, actually. 2020 was full of some crazy times for everyone, what with the global pandemic, murder hornets, Australia burning to the ground, the election, etc. Since finishing my Software Developer accreditation here in Berlin, and getting a new job as […]

IHK Berufsabschluss — Final Thoughts and Next Steps

<tl;dr> on the 28th of June, 2018, I passed the last part of my exams for the Berufsabschluss: a two year vocational degree. I talk about this and go over thoughts for the future </tl;dr> Last month I posted a rather long update about the IHK — Chamber for Industry and Trade — Exams; I […]

Digging into heavy earth

tl;dr: I found my dad’s grave online today. I talk about that, tell a bit of story, and then repost the obituary that my mother wrote him in 1995. So, a funny thing happened to me today. I found my father’s grave online. Yeah, that’s a thing that can happen, I guess. I was googling […]

The IHK Exams and Big Update Dump

    <tl;dr>: In February of 2017 I started a training program for software development and planning, financed by the German government and administrated through the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK). I turned in my project thesis on April 14th and took four hours of exams on April 25th. Today I received the results […]

“Digital: a love story”–more an “experience” than a “game”

“Digital: a love story” is one of those pieces of media that was a long time in coming; it now has a whole personal story wrapped up in its discovery, initial experience, dormant phase, and subsequent completion. If you’ll indulge me, let me tell you a tale that spans 4 years. I’ll try to keep […]

“Rick and Morty”

I was watching the Philosophy Tube’s channel on youtube the other day, and saw his episode on “Rick and Morty” as an argument against Scientism: Link The media landscape that I live in is a little constrained: I don’t have a TV or access to cable, and tend to avoid mainstream programming. This is not […]

There goes 2013…

2013 wasn’t the hardest year in my history, but it was pretty rough: trying to adapt to a new country, to a new language, getting a working visa, finding a job. It proved even more challenging than I had expected. As of last September, things started to turn around and now my position looks much […]