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Category Archives: Future of the Past

Discussions about the future that once was.

“Digital: a love story”–more an “experience” than a “game”

“Digital: a love story” is one of those pieces of media that was a long time in coming; it now has a whole personal story wrapped up in its discovery, initial experience, dormant phase, and subsequent completion. If you’ll indulge me, let me tell you a tale that spans 4 years. I’ll try to keep […]

Star Trek: The Next Generation and more future of the past

Last year during the month of December, I was unemployed and had a lot of time on my hands. Businesses are usually down to a skeleton crew, and everyone is on vacation; so, the job hunt was on hold. I had a bunch of seasons of TNG on my laptop, and started watching them. This […]

More Future of the Past: a brief discussion of Jack Vance’s “The Demon Prince” series.

I recently had the opportunity to re-read the “Demon Prince” series by Jack Vance. In preparing for this post, I found a 104 page treatise on Google Books  and the wikipedia article isn’t too bad either in giving a brief description of the world. I suggest checking both of them out. Vance’s settings often surprise […]