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There goes 2013…

2013 wasn’t the hardest year in my history, but it was pretty rough: trying to adapt to a new country, to a new language, getting a working visa, finding a job. It proved even more challenging than I had expected. As of last September, things started to turn around and now my position looks much better…exciting even.

With my new job at Biolab, 2014 will provide all kinds of new opportunities to explore new technologies and work on new systems. The only thing is making sure that I can really take advantage of it all. I’ve started to put together a learning program for 2014, experimenting with different ways of structuring goals and time. Just as important, though, is to take a moment to breath and think. I have to avoid that tendency to pile on too much, too fast.

So, here’s to a successful new year in 2014.

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